Friday 24 June 2016


I had to do a run around the North Circular from Bounds Green junction to Hanger Lane. Early morning, Monday morning run and on the first day back for the schools. 
Unfortunately, some road works and traffic light sequence changes caused a major gridlock. Please explain to me why they hadn't done the works during half-term.
The normal 30-minute journey took nearly an hour and I was on a bike. I was carrying boxes for donor breast milk and had my panniers fitted which meant I was not as manoeuvrable as normal. God knows how long the car drivers were stuck on the road. I rode the same road 90 minutes later and it was empty.
My GoPro Hero 3 recorded the journey as I wove my way through the traffic. So as not to bore you I have speeded up the film 8-fold. I don't normally ride through traffic this fast.

Sunday 20 March 2016


Mini roundabouts are odd things. Many drivers treat them as a continuing road with a bump in, like the driver in this video.
Even though I was on the roundabout while his van was still 20 feet from the hatched line that marks the roundabout, he thought he still had right of way. None of this give way to vehicles already on the roundabout.

He even speeds up and swerves so he is driving straight at me across the bump. He sounds his horn, not as a warning but as a chastisement.
So if you see this Blue van, registration R008 CEF I would recommend you avoid him, He is an idiot and needs to retake his test.