Tuesday 1 September 2015

I was on my way home from a milk run; picking up donor breast milk and delivering to The Queen Charlotte and Chelsea hospital Milk Bank.
Usually, the trip is without incident. However, it can get exciting and interesting for all sorts of reasons. Today I filtered to the front of a blockage to find a chap in the middle of the three carriageways struggling with a dog.
The cars and lorries drivers were just sitting there watching; I parked the bike and approached the man. He was holding the dog on the ground and the dog had a really strong grip on the man's hand; there was blood all over.
As I was wearing gloves, I grabbed the dog's jaws and prised them apart so the man could release his hand. More blood.
In the end, I used one of the straps on my bike to secure the dogs mouth so we could get the dog safely to the man's house.
The gloves went straight into the bin.
Good deed for the day done

I have reported the incident to the police.
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