Thursday 9 June 2011


There are many method of signaling given in the Highway Code. This driver used none of them.
I is intending to turn right but doesn't signal and the first warning is the break lights. He then 'waves-on' the car waiting to turn out of the road.

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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Red Light Cyclist

It is not just car drivers and motorcyle/scooter riders that are a menace. Cyclists are the most vulnerable users of the road but also they often bring it on themselves by not obeying road signs and signals.
This happy chappy goes through two sets of red lights, the second whilst pedestians are still crossing, but gets stuck on the third set.
The silly thing is that if he had stopped at the first set as he should have he would have been ahead of himself, Go figure.

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Roundabout Reader

It was the reaction of the silver-blue car behind the dark red car that I noticed first. It was obvious the Dark red car was acting oddly. The Dark Red car is certainly driving erratically.
If you look carefully you will see the driver has a copy of an A to Z on the steering wheel and is trying to navigate whilst driving.

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Blues and Twos

Have you ever wondered what to do when you hear a siren? You must ensure you don't slow the vehicle down on its way to an emergency.
Well sometimes things are not what they appear.
If you listen carefully you will hear the siren is switched off just after the police car clears the lights. I pass them a short time later and they are in no hurry.

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Saturday 4 June 2011


Weaving and braking without cause is a good sign that the driver is doing something else.
Candidates are mobile phones, SatNavs, Food.
This chap was leaning forward to enter something on a device stuck to the winscreen.

Lane Discipline

he condition of a car can sometimes indicate the ability and intentions of the driver.
This car had a broken offside wing mirror. I did wonder how it happended but I think I now know.
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Car Language

There are times when you see a car and know exactly what the driver is thinking. The car mirrors the drivers body language.
Saw this car and immediately realised the driver had only one thought on their mind. Overtaking.
The car was sitting right on the centre line and also tail-gating.
The learner driver 'holding us up' was maintaining a safe speed and reached 30mph when practible. The car beign a learner was obviously too much for our subject.
They were going to pass whatever it took.
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