Monday 9 December 2013

Saw this chap in my mirrors weaving across the road. Looked like he was sorting out his paperwork. He even caused a car on a mini-roundabout to brake as he shot across. As we come up to the brow of the hill he suddenly accelerated and was right up my back and I realised he was as looking to overtake - hill and blind bend!
As I moved down the hill behind the lorry and car I was approaching 30 mph when I saw the Hyundai pull out and start to overtake! I backed off but even so I still had to brake to give him space. I held up my arm in annoyance and he gestures something to my - didn't look like Sorry.
He then proceeds to again exceed the speed limit to overtake the car and lorry and only just manage to squeeze across before the next set of bollards.
All I can say is that if you see Mr LK13 VHX Hyundai driver I suggest you pull over and let the idiot pass you.

Saturday 7 December 2013

Road Hog
Another driver who only sees a few fee in front of them. She was only doing 43 in this 50 MPH zone. Driving in the outside lane is wrong but then so is overtaking on the inside even if you are not exceeding the speed limit.
Brought to you by Road Hog: FT06 DMW (Vauxhall) and Undertakers KY54 EYC(Merc), LN13 HMO (KIA), LF02 EHP (BMW) and AJ62 OTE (BMW).
I finally had to see who was driving before I had to exit on the left hand lane.

Saturday 16 November 2013


According to the Highway Code there are a number of places where overtaking is not allowed and can proved to be extremely dangerous.

Here is a chap whose impatience could have resulted in an accident. At the start of the clip you can see the Red Suzuki Alto coming in from the left junction. As I take the curve he comes in right behind me and has to break to avoid hitting me from behind as I have to slow up for the zebra crossing. The red car shoots across into the outside lane and then having overtaken the cars waiting for the pedestrian ignores those on the crossing and drives across.

So please take care on zebra crossings especially if you see a red Suzuki Alto registration EO04 YXS.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

3 penalty points on your licence and a fine of £100.

This page is dedicated to all those killed and injured because drivers won't get it into their heads that driving is a full time occupation. Updating your Sat Nav, reading the newspaper, making a phone call or reading and typing texts is not something to do whilst driving.

Stop it.

This page is dedicated to those who think the law does not apply to them.

BAT01 = White van man KP56 TKT and police driver BX11 HUP

Saturday 28 September 2013

I am faster than you

I have often found that car drivers believe that because they are going faster than you, even if the road doesn't warrant it they can turn left in front of you.
As a motorcycle rider who usually keeps to the posted speed limit I have had to break hard to avoid the idiot who speeds past me then turns left without checking they have complete the overtake. Sometimes they warn me by indicating as they turn.
This short clip shows a car driver, Black VW FT11 WVL, cutting up a cyclist. He or she cannot even complete the turn without crossing into the oncoming lane which is lucky.

Friday 6 September 2013

Weaving in Totteridge

I followed this drivers along Totteridge Lane from Hendon Wood Lane to the Orange Tree Public House.
The way he or she was weaving about indicated that driving was only of secondary importance. The erratic braking and speeding up also pointed to distraction, tiredness or being tipsy. The darkness didn't help me see inside the car. I kept my distance and was glad when they did turn off.