Tuesday 26 July 2011

Pedestrians crossing

Sending your kids off in advance to check there are no dangers is not the best method for road safety. Luckily I am always wary about islands.
Not sure if the mother was annoyed at me or her. I did grin at the fact they started crossing the next section with no checks of the pedestrian lights.

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Tuesday 12 July 2011

Not giving way

Unlike my earlier post where the right of way on the roundabout was in doubt.
This time I felt the car was trying to race me. He just continued as if it was the correct thing to do.

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Don't do as I do...

You would expect better from a driving instructor but this chap just kept on breaking the rules.
I am doing 30 in a 30 limit and he overtakes me exceeding the limit, on a blind bend. I was on the left of the road and couldn't see round the bend. The driver could see even less.
He hares off at speed until he meets a car driving legally and tail gates him.
In the end it didn't get him any where and he used extra petrol and some wear on his break pads.
I wouldn't recommend Uncle Nick as an instructor.

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Thursday 7 July 2011

Who has the right of way?

It is an area that I feel is very unclear.
Large roundabouts don't pose a problem it is the small and mini roundabouts. The highway code states that you should when arriving at a roundabout you should give priority to traffic approaching from your right. How far away from approaching the roundabout should you observe?
In this example I am approaching but is not on the roundabout, the other car is just on the roundabout. So who has the right of way?
I was actually set to allow the car to pass in front of me and I would carry on. The driver was suddenly aware of my presence and stopped. He did wave an apology.

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